Master & Dynamic Pioneerd a Textile That Responds to One's Mood

 - Apr 4, 2018
References: masterdynamic & dezeen
New York-based audio company Master & Dynamic announced an upcoming release of color-altering leather headphones. As the brand is awaiting the approval of the patent for this groundbreaking textile, the full technical specs of the product are not released.

The color-changing leather headphones are said to incorporate a thermochromic technology — a product "that changes in response to temperature." Master & Dynamic's innovative design is expected to be responsive both to the wearer's mood, as well as the music. As a result, each chromatically altering nuance is said to be unique to each user. Of course, the vibrations of certain genres will be reproduced by the leather headphones in a recurring color. However, that is unlikely to be an issue since the whole concept of the product is baffling—and announced on April Fool's Day.