The Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry Endeavors to Showcase Eco Sailing

 - Sep 3, 2012
References: sautercarbonoffsetdesign & tuvie
In its simplest form, sailing is an activity that has no negative impact on the environment -- once the vessel has been manufactured, that is. The Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry represents a very different class of wind-driven boating, comprising many a large watercraft that requires extra assistance.

But this emission-free example of an eco-tourism yacht by Richard Sauter is surprisingly not farfetched. The Sauter Carbon Offset Design concept has been conceived with full knowledge and integration of existing nautical technologies so that this ship might actually be built for the San Francisco Bay America's Cup.

It boasts the ability to reach 12 knots with up to 100% carbon dioxide reduction. It requires a bit of a boost to attain its top speed of 14 knots, but while cruising at 10 knots, the Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry can generate excess energy though Hybrid Eco Marine Propulsion for faster traveling or feeding the grid.