China Furious over Footage

 - Aug 1, 2008
References: timesonline
Top secret footage of the opening rehearsal for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has been released, and China isn't pleased. The tape shows participants doing a full dress rehearsal inside the Bird's Nest national stadium.

In today's day of the internet, it's almost blasphemous for anyone to expect information, including media footage, to be kept under wraps. Citizen journalists are arguably even more curious than traditional media, but more than that, they aren't afraid of losing their jobs for sneaking into forbidding locations.

Oddly enough, it wasn't citizen journalists responsible for this video. The footage was taken by Seoul Broadcasting System who aired it on a South Korean TV station. Now that it's on the web, however, almost anyone can get a glimpse of what China has in store next week.

On Trend Hunter, we've seen a lot of leaked multimedia and story coverage, on everything from cars to cell phones. As often is with leaked content on the net, Live Leak was responsible for leaking the video shown above.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't all too keen on seeing the opening ceremonies. Sure, I knew it would be interesting, but nothing worth taking time off Trend Hunter from. However, after seeing this clip, I actually want to make sure I see this ceremony!

Perhaps this was a smart publicity ploy all along...