Untied Visual Artists Use Laser Light to Create Indoor Art

 - May 18, 2013
References: omd.olympus.de & psfk
Untied Visual Artists have created an art instillation using laser light. The art group is based in London; it creates works that embrace sculpture, architecture, live performance and installation. The laser light installation has been called 'Vanishing Point,' this particular installation has been inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and some of his famous sketches.

The lazer light installation explores the concept of ‘light architecture’ and the use of perspective as a tool and a way to recreate and redefine an open space. The installation projects laser lines into space from a vanishing point, which creates volumes, divisions and rooms to be explored by the audience.

The art installation also uses sound; the sounds are sampled in real-time using the lasers and a contact microphone that generates from the mechanics of the laser drawings, creating audience interaction and a unique sensory experience.