The Lavva Search Engine Is Green, People-Powered and Democratic

 - Jul 21, 2009
References: lavva, "the greenest engine on the planet," is a new social search engine promising to add a whole new element of social interaction to your online scouring.

The Lavva Search Engine, which just launched this month, is in its beta stage, and is dedicated to becoming not only a social (as in communication-rich) search platform, but a socially conscious one as well.

In addition, they’ve launched a Lavva News section where "News Goes Social." Our favourite part? The Trend Hunter Hot Bar running along the bottom!

Run on "the world’s most environmentally friendly datacenters and servers" in Kelowna, British Columbia, Lavva is dedicated to doing as much as possible to offset pollutants.

"The difference in greenhouse gas emissions between coal burning datacenters and Lavva’s 100% renewable energy powered datacenter is 97%," a press release points out. "Consider that one server in a coal-powered datacenter creates as much pollution as an SUV per year; multiply that by approximately 100,000 servers in a center, and you can appreciate that Lavva’s green commitment greatly reduces carbon pollution."

Another neat part about Lavva is that it’s committed to ensuring that top notch content (as determined by users) comes up before paid for content, or SEO-optimized pages, that may not be as useful or interesting to people.

"It gives the little guy with a great website a chance to be recognized without investing a great deal in optimization techniques."

As for profit, Lavva hopes to change the revenue model of search engines. While they do integrate advertising, the founders believe "the entire advertising model will change and we’re at the forefront of this revolution." is certainly a site to watch out for. Stay tuned for our own Lavva review shortly.