Artist Laura Ford Captivates with 'Weeping Girls' Sculptures

 - Feb 25, 2013
References: mymodernmet
Artist Laura Ford grabs peoples attention with these dramatic sculptures of little girls seen weeping in various parts of a park called Jupiter Artland in Scotland.

The sculpture series entitled Weeping Girls showcases small children slumped over with their hair over their eyes, overcome with emotion. The idea came to the artist when her friend told her a story about a tantrum her daughter had. "She was inconsolable whilst at the same time watching herself and the effect she was having in the mirror." These sculptures define how children, especially in their adolescence, feel when they are discovering themselves and their emotional maturity. When walking around the park, the figurines are an unexpected and yet intriguing conversation starters.

The melancholic atmosphere that artsit Laura Ford creates with her sculptures makes for an interesting and engaging walk through the park.