This Concentrated Laundry Sauce is Capable of Washing Over 100 Loads

 - Jul 30, 2015
References: storenvy
Peace Love & Bath's all-natural Sweet Pea Laundry Sauce is made from a simple blend fof borax, washing soda, water, fels naptha and scented essential oils upon request. Despite the formula being highly condensed, the 100 percent natural laundry solution is ideal for washing clothing for infants, people with sensitive skin or eczema.

Because the formula is so highly concentrated, consumers need only use a single tablespoon per each load of laundry, since the mixture will be diluted with water in the washing machine. In comparison to other laundry detergent liquids and powders, two quarts of this super laundry concentrate is enough to tackle around 128 loads of laundry.

With natural ingredients, ease of use, longevity and minimal plastic packaging waste, it's a wonder that laundry products like these aren't more widely available.