The Dirty Dunk is a Laundry Hamper Designed as a Basketball Hoop

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: amazon & thegadgetflow
To help encourage kids to clean up after themselves, the Dirty Dunk is a laundry hamper built like a basketball hoop. Kids are encouraged to dunk their clothing like they would a ball into the basket as a way to keep their rooms clean and clothing sorted. The gamified design encourages children to tidy after themselves by turning the mundane household chore into a game.

The Dirty Dunk is a clever take on a traditional laundry hamper with a design that is meant to be mounted to a wall at an elevated height. This allows children to jump in the air and toss in their dirty shirts and pants as if they are scoring a basket on the court.

The aesthetic of the Dirty Dunk helps to create healthy behaviors in children in a way that is much more fun to the young consumer.