Micah McArthur is the Newest Infant Internet Star

 - Mar 4, 2011
References: youtube & aolnews
Micah McArthur is the adorable laughing baby in the latest YouTube video to go viral. His giggling will instantly brighten your day as he cracks up from the sound of paper being ripped.

What’s really interesting about this laughing baby clip is that it highlights how society is changing. From the things that we find entertaining to the ways we communicate about our everyday lives, the Internet has changed the whole landscape of human interaction. Micah McArthur’s chuckles resonate with the sheer innocence of a child that many people can relate to and that many have already responded to.

Who would have ever thought that a video of a laughing baby could get over five million views? YouTube has become a platform that can raise a person to instant fame. Because of this clip, the cute laughing baby was even featured on the Today Show.