Larissa Hailya Guado Artwork is Fashionably Exotic

Larissa Hailya Guado Artwork hunts down these fierce fashionistas. With a portfolio of headless beauties, Buenos Aires-based artist and designer Larissa Hailya Guado uses manual collages to decapitate human heads and replace them with miscellaneous items. She will use anything from pyramids to flowers.

In this 'Safari Girls' series, these fashionable chickas have their heads replaced by wild animals, from giraffes to striped zebras. The animal attributes actually add to the gracefulness of the clothing with their strong necks

Guado uses the manual collage medium in order to truly engage with her work. For example, these long-necked ladies are created using found materials. As Guado claims on her website, "the limitations of found materials, random and manual tools provide a sharper, more immediate, and more human dynamic than is possible with computer software."