This Large Living Wall in London Prevents Flooding and Eco Issues

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: greenroofconsultancy & dezeen
This large living wall in London, in fact it's the biggest in the city, is meant to prevent flooding. Designed by Gary Grant of Green Roof Consultancy, the facade is 21 meters high, covering a total of 350 square meters, composed of 10,000 plants and over 16 tons of soil. The large living wall is irrigated with collected rainwater, making use of a roof drainage system that will also reduce surface flooding. The Royal Horticultural Society recommended the plants used as being the best pollinators to attract bees and urban appropriate wildlife to the area.

Not only is the wall intended to fight frequent flooding, but it's also designed to improve air quality in Victoria and reduce other environmental symptoms. The permanent fixture covers an exterior side of the Rubens at the Palace Hotel.