These World Landmark Sand Castle Makers are Better Than a Bucket

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: amazon
Building sand castles is pretty awesome, but building molds of India’s Taj Mehal on the beach is even more awesome; this collection of world landmark sand castles from the Kapln Early Learning Company will have people asking if you built these amazing creations by hand.

These world landmarks include molds of the Parthenon, Taj Mehal, Mayan Pyramids and the Coloseum. These molds will not only give you full bragging rights for you and your family on the beach, but while your children are building these sculptures, they may actually learn something.

It goes without saying that children may explore ancient architecture a bit more through these world landmark sand castles than a regular bucket. You know what to do—check them out, they’re under $20 for a set of four.