The Lampfire Takes Inspiration from a Warm Symbol of Wilderness Living

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: coroflot & core77
There's something comforting and even magical about sitting around a campfire, and it's these sentiments that Hoang M. Nguyen has worked to incorporate into the cleverly named Lampfire. A light fixture rarely conjures an emotional reaction from occupants of a room, yet this one can certainly succeed to incite sensations of warmth and security.

The minimalist teepee form comprises three uniting wooden dowels that imitates the common setup of an cozy outdoorsy fire. A fabric-wrapped cord dangles down between them, suspending a modern lightbulb to provide illumination. While more modern globes like the Plumen 001 are sufficiently efficient to emit less heat, the presence of a radiating source remains symbolic. The charming Lampfire design fosters an atmosphere of intimacy and encourages friendly gathering indoors.