The Lamed Chair Has a Cantilevered Composition as a Sideways S Shape

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: luxensedesign & tuvie
The cantilevered chair is a modernist invention, but you will see something a bit different happening in the design of the Lamed Chair. The legless furnishing concept does not bear weight in a balanced way from left to right -- an unevenness that is typically established from front to back instead.

Theoretically, if the structure of Rodolphe Pauloin's contemporary perch is not stiff enough, the sitter might find himself leaning to the right side. The suggestion, however, is that the frame would be solid, and suitably made from one of a number of different materials.

Beginning as a ribbon-like panel, the wood, plastic or metal would be bent smoothly in five places to form the various support and surface segments of the S-shaped Lamed Chair. The intriguing twisting of the design could even be emphasized by Tron-like edging with electroluminescence.