Lalique Jewellery Boxes are the Ultimate way to Store Accessories in Style

In the realm of super-fancy accessory storing, Lalique Jewellery Boxes represent the absolute height of luxury.

Designed by David Linley in collaboration with the French design house, the two stand-out Lalique Jewellery Boxes 'Masque de Femme' and 'Perles' feature exotic wood inlaid with fantastic crystal decoration that manages to exude the impression of lavish luxury while also not going overboard.

Although there is no mistaking Lalique Jewellery Boxes as anything but fine craftsmanship, they are not overbearingly ostentatious. Instead, what makes this collaboration between Linley and Lalique successful is its restraint. By relying more on subtle accents, their Lalique Jewellery Boxes are more likely to appeal to those who appreciate opulence but don't need to be hit over the head by it.