Shocking New Nike Commercial

 - Feb 3, 2008   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: comunicadoresdeplantao.blogspot
Increasingly, commercials from Nike are difficult to overlook. In this example, viewers are shocked by the Mercurial V4, which weighs only 230g. Why? Because the athlete appears to be lacing his own feet.

The concept is a shocking way to demonstrate that his shoe is so light, it seems that you are not using it! A film that house photo and sound effects.

Implications - The use of shocking imagery in advertising is a powerful way to attract buzz and consumer attention. Particularly in the viral video age where buzz and controversy translate directly into increased viewership, the impact of shockvertising is undeniable. Imagery that is either grotesque, unseen or highly controversial are just a few examples of ways companies can stand out in the eyes of the public.