This Science Lab Display Promotes Penhaligon's High-End Perfumes

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: aljawadpike &
The Al-Jawad Pike firm in London England created the intricate and chemistry-inspired lab display inside the Penhaligon Perfumes flagship store. This lab display aims to captivate viewers by presenting them with unique insight into the background of how perfume is created.

The entire store-front window display is consumed with a pair of twin lattices which are made from copper piping. Each lattice measures 120 meters in length and contains over 150 glass beakers and flasks -- filled with a single raw ingredient that is used in one of the 32 fragrances produced by Penhaligon.

The unique display rejects the simplistic design style of traditional perfume shops and presents a whimsical art display of science lab equipment. The lab display alters the idea of scientific accessories and makes them glamorous rather than clinical. While this store window was designed to be a temporary installation, its concept has spilled over to other Penhaligon locations.