L'Officiel Hommes Germany SS 2011 is Vividly Fashionable

Models Alexander Beck and Leebo Freeman team up for the shoot entitled 'So Fresh' for L'Officel Hommes Germany SS 2011. Radiant colors such as neon green, electric blue and wild pink jump against the stark-white backdrop, all to promote the season's colorful nature. If you thought that proper matching was imperative in fashion, think twice this summer.

Photographer Emilio Tini along with stylist Lale Aktay brought forth a quasi-retro feel for the shoot. Not a lot of people can muster the courage to wear a lime-green jacket with blue pants; however, it should serve as a good indication of what to expect in stores.

From stripes to solids, the clothes in L'Officiel Hommes Germany SS 2011 promote all the quirkiness and fashion forwardness this summer has to bring.