Man in Kylie Minogue's Inverse Ad Needs Some Companionship

Kylie Minogue’s Inverse fragrance for men is now available, accompanied by an ad campaign that stars her model boyfriend Andres Segura.

Contrasting the two sides of man is what Kylie Minogue’s Inverse fragrance is all about. The fragrance bottle has two sides--a white and black side, representing the "strong, manly, and natural side of a man," and a black and purple side, which alludes to man’s exuberant and uncoventional aspect. 

Easy enough to understand, right? But while the corresponding campaign photos and commercial do show a man in a suit (the strong and manly side, I assume) and then the same man with his shirt off (exuberance?), the blackground is all black and the man just seems to be all alone and a bit desolate, save for a few instances where the two men merge into the ‘complete’ man and a few flashing images of Minogue.