Kumi Machida Renders Bizarre Subjects with Odd Heads

 - Feb 24, 2012
References: ocada.jp & sweet-station
It’s easy to associate Kumi Machida’s drawing style with children’s cartoons due to its pristine minimalist lines, but then you start evaluating what you’re looking at and you quickly realise these images aren’t suitable for kids. With hands yanking out limbs from a person’s ears and eyes being formed on the back of someone’s neck, Machida’s work is truly bizarre and at times unnerving.

Kumi Machida often employs a bald character with a gargantuan head as her primary subject. Because of how round he is, the figure in her paintings looks as though he’s a baby who never outgrew his pudginess. Then to see the man unfolding flaps of skin or doing other unspeakable things simply leaves viewers speechless as they try to process the abstract imagery.