Kristoffer Axen Captures Deceptive Real-Life Scenarios

 - May 28, 2014
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The work of Kristoffer Axen appears to be in complete opposition of photo-realistic paintings. In place of embracing the cinematic qualities of photography, Kristoffer Axen channels a paint-like look. In fact, people might find it hard to believe that his images are not paintings even when told adamantly that they are.

Based on Stockholm, Sweden, Kristoffer Axen uses plays on light and other technical aspects to achieve this artistic take on the common medium of photography. Focusing on dark and often forbidding scenarios that see people interacting with nature in various ways, Kristoffer Axen's work might be deceptive, but his imagination is not. The stormy skies, quiet reflections and still subjects come together to create situations that are hard to tear one's eyes from. They are utterly hypnotic and evocative.