KOYA Dehumidifier is an Often Dull Device with a Delightful Design

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: jungdongsung & designspotter
Do you have a dehumidifier at home? What does it look like? Is it a big ugly box with a large grate that emits the irritating hum of a fan? The KOYA Dehumidifier is a complete reimagination of the standard household appliance that strives to make it much friendlier in look and feel.

Dongsung Jung of South Korea decided to adapt the boxy shape so that it comes to resemble an animal -- an elephant, to be specific. It's been given a short trunk to contain the vent of the device so that any visible air emitted will look like the creature is breathing. Knobs on the sides of the KOYA Dehumidifier look like eyes and colorful paint jobs playfully define the big ears of the elephant for an endearing and animated appearance.