The KOR-FX Vests Allow Gamers to 'Feel' Explosions and Gunshots

 - Apr 23, 2014
References: korfx & gizmag
The KOR-FX 4DFX is an incredible gaming vest that translates audio into subtle vibrations, allowing the wearer to feel the force of explosions, gunshots and other environmental stimuli in the game they are playing. The product was developed by consumer electronics development company Immerz.

Immerz says it has crafted special algorithms that process audio input from games or even movies and pieces of music and convert them into precise haptic effects. The vests are fitted with transducers that deliver the vibrations to specific areas of the chest; these vibrations are interpreted by your brain as being real-world stimuli.

The KOR-FX suit is being marketed as an immersive device for first-person shooter and driving/racing games. Immerz hasn't yet revealed a price or release date, but there's no doubt the KOR-FX will be one of the most eagerly anticipated pieces of gamer tech in recent memory.