Wonder Drink's Trio of Flavors Celebrate Offbeat Food Pairings

 - Apr 26, 2017
References: wonderdrink & bevnet
The three newest kombucha flavors from Wonder Drink draw flavor inspiration from the culinary world with Thai Carrot, Strawberry Basil and Honey Lavender. The Thai Carrot variety boasts 39% juice content and the Strawberry Basil flavor includes just 14% juice; while these refreshing beverages are like juice-kombucha hybrids more than traditional kombucha drinks, they offer a range of flavors, from fresh and tart to herbaceous and savory.

Unlike most kombucha beverages that only highlight the probiotics included as part of the fermentation process, these ones from Wonder Drink feature added probiotic cultures.

Like some popular fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi, kombucha has come into the spotlight as a healthy, beneficial probiotic drink that still satisfies a consumer's desire for flavor experimentation.