Knock Knock by Hoj Studio is a Shelf, a Closet, a Desk and a Kitchen

 - Feb 24, 2013
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It's difficult to comprehend the flexibility of Knock Knock by Hoj Studio without being able to see it performing its extensive range of functions. At a casual glance, the timber-framed piece of furniture might appear quite basic; however, there is a complexity to it that becomes evident with the freedom of its customization.

The semi-finished oak wood components have a lovely charm about them. They're held together cleverly by fasteners that are easy to adjust so that you can move the various ledges to different heights with your desired spacing. With many shelves installed, 'Klopf Klopf' can become a bookcase. The insertion of storage boxes turns it into an open closet and the removal of all but one broad panel sets up Knock Knock by Hoj Studio as a desk.