Buy Readable Textbooks on Facebook Using Kno

 - Aug 12, 2011
References: facebook & gizmodo
The people at Kno -- as their name suggests -- are fully aware of the crippling costs of university textbooks. I mean, to a struggling student, $500 for an engineering course reader is an astronomical price to demand.

The simple solution would be to provide university books via the iPad or iPhone, but considering the escalating costs of higher education, most kids can't afford to buy an expensive gadget. Enter Kno, a software company dedicated to providing education solutions, with a new initiative called 'Textbooks for Facebook.' Already, Kno's virtual bookshelf is stocked with thousands of required readings for today's college students.

In the future, however, the company promises to not only import and sell more textbooks, but to provide course-based quizzes and audio recordings so that studying is even more simple.