Bakebare's Kitchen Bakeware Can Be Removed from the Oven Without a Mitt

 - Jan 19, 2015
References: bakebare & kickstarter
For the longest time, kitchen bakeware, oven mitts and pot holders have gone hand-in-hand, but thanks to Bakebare, these items may no longer be dependent on one another.

Bakebare is being introduced as part of a Kickstarter campaign that shows off a muffin pan, cookie sheet and a baking pan that can be removed from the oven with your bare hand—no protection required. What gives Bakebare its edge is a built-in "safe area" that stays four times cooler than the ambient oven temperature. This safe grip is made from a natural substance sourced from South America, which is processed and molded int he United States. Even in a protective thermal agent, this material doesn't emit any VOCs and is completely safe to the touch. With these bakeware tools, you can enjoy more cookies and less clutter, since you won't need mitts or cloths anymore.