The 'King Stallion' is the US Military's Most Powerful Helicopter

 - May 6, 2014
References: sikorsky & defensenews
Helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft unveiled the heavy-lifting CH-53K helicopter, nicknamed 'King Stallion.' This behemoth of a military chopper is the first Sikorsky aircraft to be entirely designed using digital tools.

The King Stallion features three new T-408 General Electric Aviation engines, which give it 50% more power than its predecessor, the CH-53E 'Super Stallion.' The helicopter also features all-new main rotor blades, improved transmission, a composite airframe construction and fly-by-wire digital flight controls.

The King Stallion is also designed to make maintenance and servicing as easy as possible -- it has fewer engine parts, offers better access to parts and allows for easy seat removal.

The King Stallion is thought to represent the future of heavy-lifting operations for the US Marine Corps, who are expected to buy 200 units. The helicopter is expected to make its debut flight later this year.