Kikyz 1313 Juxtaposes Beautiful Subjects with Grotesque Scenes

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: & juxtapoz
The critic who came up with the description "hauntingly beautiful" didn’t truly know the meaning of the words because he used it for artwork that wasn’t Kikyz 1313’s. Seen here are several of her illustrations which depict angelic subjects with portions of their internal organs showing. The way the compositions balance beauty and morose elements truly leaves audiences with a transcendental viewing experience as they’re overcome with myriad feelings towards these stunning visuals. Atmosphere, narrative qualities and technical flair are all to be expected whenever someone lays eyes on Kikyz 1313’s work.

With an online alias, you’d expect Kikyz 1313 to be a private person, but she happily shares her biography on her personal website. Though still young, the Mexico-based artist is already a veteran at producing masterpieces and will likely continue to amaze the world with her brilliant renderings.