This Illuminating Keyhole Indicator Keeps One's Entryway Well Lit

 - Nov 27, 2014
References: fancy
This Illuminated Keyhole Indicator is designed by Tritium and is available for purchase on Etsy's web shop. The LED door accessory will make sure that your home's entryway is well-lit. The accessory makes the act of unlocking a door much easier at night and makes sure your keyhole is visible in the dark.

Whether you're unlocking a door in the dark or entering your home during a blackout, you will have clear visibility of your entryway in any situation, ensuring you're home safe and sound without having to fidget for what seems like hours.

In addition to being LED-lit, Tritium's Illuminated Keyhole Indicator is also water-proof, making it safe even during rainy weather conditions. Priced at a $26 rate, this affordable door attachment is perfect for suburban home owners.