The 'PicoPen' Keychain Pen Clips an Analog Pen Anywhere

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: shop.odditymall & odditymall
The rise of digital technology has seemingly rendered traditional items like a pen and paper obsolete, but the 'PicoPen' keychain pen shows that the latter is alive and well. Intended to offer users the ability to keep a writing utensil on their person at all times, the 'PicoPen' is crafted from durable titanium or stainless steel.

The 'PicoPen' is intended for everyday use, but shines brightest when utilized for travel. Frequent trips through customs and hotels often leaves many of us wishing we had a pen on-hand. The 'PicoPen' keychain pen enables this to be a reality with a design aesthetic that won't attract too much attention. Being that it can be attached almost anywhere, it can be used on a backpack or weekender bag and only acknowledged when actually needed.