Army Researchers Have Developed a Kevlar Wallpaper to Protect Soldiers

 - May 31, 2015
References: facebook & wired
Researchers from the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineer Research and Development Center have just developed a new type of Kevlar wallpaper that could help protect soldiers from RPG blasts. The bullet-proof wallpaper is intended to be used by soldiers in the field as a quick way of fortifying non-reinforced buildings.

The bullet-proof wallpaper is made from Kevlar-fiber threads encased in a flexible plastic film. The wallpaper is indented to create an extra layer of bullet-proof protection when applied to structures made of materials similar to cinder blocks or masonry. In the event that an RPG hits one of these structures, the Kevlar wallpaper will act as a protective net, catching any rubble that might otherwise injury soldiers.

While the wallpaper is not yet ready for field use, this revolutionary material could help to provide better protection for US soldiers in the near future.