This Kevin Morosky Photography Captures Authentic Hipster Living

 - Jun 11, 2011
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To take one glance at Kevin Morosky's selected portfolio is to transport yourself into his fast-paced and fun bohemian life in London.

Kevin Morosky claims that his aim as a photographer is to capture the "authenticity" that is often lacking from the underground scene in the U.K. After viewing his portfolio, I think it's safe to say that he has captured it.

The images reflect Kevin Morosky and his collection of attractive and stylish friends as they lead their everyday lives -- which, for them, means stalking the streets of London with a camera wrapped around your neck, sitting at a lavish party without a care in the world or attempting to reconnect with nature by stepping into the woods. The images seem standard, but each image shares one unchangeable but strong emotion: an unbridled joy, passion and zest for life.