The Smile Bot Picks Up on Smiles and Laughter to Create Art

 - Jul 9, 2014
References: wearematik & soonsoonsoon
In a world where more people are frowning and not smiling enough, one creative agency decided to take a stand. Californian agency 'We are Matik' decided to give resident happiness in the Los Angeles streets with a keep-smiling machine. Smile bot influences everyday lives to move forward in a positive way.

The installation is approachable by design and invites people to insert their faces into one of the four belly portals of the bot. When you smile, the box brings participants in a colorful and magic universe; the sad blue of the beginning changes into happier and more vibrant colors accompanied by sounds harmonization. It’s more than just enjoying the show, this initiative pushes to share the happiness. If four participants are smiling at the same time, it activates the Ultra-Smile Mode increasing sounds and lights effects to create a stunning rainbow.

Implications - One initiative of the new positive era

Urban Playfull installation