Kayt Webster-Brown Photographed Marina for C-Heads

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: thecapgrasdelusion.co & c-heads
UK-based photographer Kayt Webster-Brown brought out all that 22-year-old Russian model Marina had to offer in this C-Heads exclusive editorial.

Marina looks particularly defiant in the images, jutting out her chin and narrowing her eyes as though she's suspicious of the gaze on the other end of the camera's lens. Though youthfulness is synonymous with being trusting, Marina's insolent, aggressive demeanor suggests she's been privy to more than most people her age.

Despite the sullen air, the editorial manages to be light and, at times, even playful. Her wardrobe consists of high-cut printed body suits, ankle socks and casual kicks that betray her young age. The look is completed by her long, flaxen-colored mane, apathetic expression, and, in one shot, a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses that bring Lolita to mind.