The Katch iPhone Case Functions as a Prop and a Clip for Your Convenience

 - May 14, 2013
References: quirky
It seems that handset props are no longer simply accessories to smartphone covers, for products like the Katch iPhone Case have started integrating them. The difference between this dextrous mobile phone protector and others, however, is that this one boasts yet another function.

The Quirky-made cover has an aluminum kickstand fastened to the back of the plastic body. Its material strength has allowed it to be quite slim so that it lies fairly flat against the rear of the case. A hinge joins the two components together so that the prop can be swung out to position your handset in either a portrait or landscape orientation.

What's more, you'll notice a separate segment to the metal part of the Katch iPhone Case. This enables it to behave like a carabiner so that you can hook it onto your belt loop or your bag as well.