Fifty-Fifty by Karolina Fardova is a Quirky Dual-Purpose Furniture Piece

 - Mar 31, 2016
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It cannot be said that Karolina Fardova isn't without a sense of humor or a big imagination. Her latest creation, which she has simply dubbed Fifty-Fifty, is a coffee table with a very hairy underbelly. Although it looks like something straight out of a comic book or cartoon, the furry detail exists for more than fun aesthetics.

Karolina Fardova didn't just create a coffee table. Fifty-Fifty is a versatile piece of furniture that can also be laid flat to become a comfortable rug. The fur can also be taken off completely for those who have no purpose for it but like the simplicity of the wooden design in general. Karolina Fardova's design adds a playful element to any living space and would be especially great for family homes with young children.