The Trigonal Meshes and Animals Series by Kaan Bagci is Conceptual

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: kaanbagci.prosite & inspirefirst
Entitled 'Trigonal Meshes and Animals', this series of animal depictions is the work of illustrator Kaan Bagci. The talented visual artist combines traditional animal imagery with geometric and crystallized mineral elements that are added to the creatures' familiar physical forms.

Whether replacing Rhino horns with sculptural details or Elk noses with crystallized elements, the 'Trigonal Meshes and Animals' image series by Kaan Bagci plays with its viewers' perceptions.

The artist pushes visual boundaries with a series of masterpieces that depict animal subjects who are morphed with various geometric elements. These crystallized details transform the wild creatures into other-worldly beings whose physical features are altered and enhanced. This is achieved through the process of overlapping imagery joined together in a collage form.