The Androgynous Ladies of the 'Biebershop Quartet' Pay Tribute

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: justinbiebermusic & bbc
The BBC Comedy 'Biebershop Quartet' music video is an odd tribute to Justin Bieber, featuring four self-proclaimed lesbians who resemble the pop star. The Justin Bieber lookalikes sing a song to the familiar tune of JB's hit "Baby," but with new lyrics that describe their love and admiration for the young star. They also offer up their services as body doubles for the star. The quartet are dressed in Bieber-inspired get-ups, complete with his signature hoodie and oversized sneakers and they even bust out some dance moves you might recognize from his music videos.

This Biebershop Quartet video plays on the same concept as the hit blog 'Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber,' which pokes fun at the similarities in style between many lesbians and JB. The four Justin Bieber lookalikes starring in this BBC video might be able to carry a tune, but his success has proven that there's only room for one hair-flipping star at the top.