Just Grow It by Mr Plant is Beautiful Commentary on Consumption

 - Nov 3, 2014
References: monsieurplant & fubiz.net
'Just Grow It' is a clever pun on the famous Nike motto, Just Do It. It is also the title of a sculpture series that revolve around iconic footwear designs that have been reinterpreted in materials that stray away from leather and rubber. Instead, the Just Grow It sculptures are made out of flowers and plant life.

Visually striking, Just Grow It was created by French artist Mr Plant, which is the alias of Christophe Guinet. The root of his work in the Just Grow It series might be a love for nature and plants, but as it is written on his website, 'One can also read a subtle denunciation of our thoughts polluted by overconsumption and the ultra-liberal media hype in which we are soaked.È