Junior Ottoni New Captain Spring 2010 Ads Sell Via Distraction

The Junior Ottoni New Captain underwear ad campaign is sure to have more than a few women swooning, if not actually purchasing the label's undergarments while visions of their boyfriends with Junior Ottoni’s body dance in their heads.

After browsing through the editorials for the Junior Ottoni New Captain underwear ad campaign, I have decided to start a petition that would make it illegal for this man to go out in public while wearing a shirt.

Remembering back a few years to the Travis Fimmel Calvin Klein Crave ads, where women were causing traffic accidents by keeping their eyes on the poster of Fimmel and neither the vehicles ahead of them or the road, I seriously hope, for the sake of preventing rear-ends and guardrail-slammings, that the Junior Ottoni New Captain editorial is not placed on billboards.