Joy Wong Illustrates Females in Surreal Polycolored Backdrops

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: joysuke.deviantart & artforadults.tumblr
If the world was as vibrant as these Joy Wong illustrations, people would probably be in such constant awe that no one would ever get anything done. With luminous and highly saturated colors, imaginative scenarios and perky female subjects, Wong enlivens the world with her rendered creations. Someone would have to be extremely bitter to not feel joyous in the presence of these uplifting images.

Joy Wong, who also illustrates under her Joysuke pseudonym, is a UK-based artist originally from Hong Kong. Asian aesthetic influences are readily identifiable in Wong’s work as most of her characters are doe-eyed, pixie-nosed and have near impossible anatomical figures. She often illustrates adolescent females innocuously enjoying life, but on occasion, she’s also painted some sordid pictures featuring older women in somber scenarios that borderline on freaky.