Paintings by Jonathan Wolstenholme Turn Books into Their Writers

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: portalpainters & mymodernmet
Artist Jonathan Wolstenholme created a series of watercolors that personify books. Wolstenholme's books were given limbs that look as if they are extending out from the books naturally. The paintings depict the books performing tasks that their writer would. Each book is seen reading, writing or performing some other daily task.

Wolstenholme created his paintings to have humorous undertones. Many of his artworks were made exclusively for the sake of a pun. A piece with a personified book slipping on a banana peel was named 'Literary Slip' while 'Ghost Writer' features an otherworldly book writing a novel.

The paintings also take on a nonsensical feel. 'Secret Life of a Crime Writer' has a book firing ink from a gun-like pen.