The Fiberglass ‘Jolie' Tub Is Vibrant Yet See-Through

 - Apr 1, 2009
References: & bloomacious
Italy-based Regia integrated colored fiberglass into modern, see-through bathtubs for the lively Jolie tub. An oval profile and clear lines fashion this giant water glass look-alike, making this vibrant tub extra hard to resist.

The eye-catching soaker consists of a polyester and acrylic resin blend filled with glass pigments which grant the vibrant tub its distinct colors, including red, apple green, amber, blue and white technoglass. Cast in fiberglass, the ultra-modern bathtub is then cooled and smoothed to a crystalline finish.

Zesty red and cool blue are definitely my Jolie favourites, while its transparent nature provides an extra incentive to keep working out; after all, this is definitely not a bathtub you want to keep hidden, so you may as well look good through it.