John St. Parody Clip Says All Ads Should be Replaced by Cat Videos

 - Nov 12, 2011
References: adweek & nymag
In a world where online consumers can't get enough of cat videos, perhaps "catvertising" is the one and only solution to advertising, says this John St. parody video.

Toronto ad agency John St. has released this amusing parody clip, which claims that from now on, its advertising will solely be catvertising. The agency is now completely overrun with cats -- the video shows employees emptying litter boxes and opening cans of cat food. The agency has even gone so far as to create a new acronym, P.U.R.R., to describe its "four pillars of creativity."

According to Creative Director Stephen Jurisic, "Nobody wants to see ads anymore. They want cat videos." To prove this point, the John St. parody clip shows several of the cat videos that have gained viral attention over the last few years, including one of the agency's own, 'Ninja Cat,' which received over 26 million views.