Johan Entchev Delves into the Childhood Psyche with This Series

 - Aug 30, 2014
References: offset & featureshoot
Helsinki-based photographer Johan Entchev re-produces feelings of childhood anxiety and wonder in his high-contrast series of black-and-white images.

Photographing his sons, a usual practice for the photographer, Entchev explores subconscious inclinations rather than conscious realities. Adding to the mystery of the subject matter, his sons are often partially concealed, almost as if the childhood desires are being viewed in hindsight, through the adult lens of nostalgia.

The stark black-and-white palette represents invisible ghosts, fears and nightmares that persistently plague and haunt childhood. The experience of being a child is not exclusively rooted in innocence; there are layers of suspicion, worry and anxiety about the unknown. The series ultimately explores the complexity of the childhood psyche as it navigates itself throughout the world.