Joey Chestnut Eats 68 Hots Dogs for a New World Record

 - Jul 6, 2009
References: nydailynews
Joey ‘the Jaws’ Chestnut has set a new world-record, slamming down 68 hot dogs with buns in 10 minutes. U.S. contender Joey Chestnut and Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi renewed their rivalry to eat as many hot dogs as possible in 12 minutes during Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest at Coney Island. The final score was Chestnut, 68, Kobayashi, 64.

Kobayashi held the record for six consecutive years from 2001 to 2006. Chestnut gobbled down 66 hot dogs with buns in 2007 taking the title from Kobayashi. The two tied in 2008, but Chestnut emerged as victor after a dramatic five hot dog eat-off.

Chestnut waddled away from this year’s win with $20,000 in prize money and the much relished Mustard Belt.