Joao Drumond Interprets Everyday Objects Through Linear Drawings

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: flickr & itsnicethat
In his extensive collection of still life drawings, artist Joao Drumond demonstrates the pure joy of everyday objects through his use of clean lines and simplified portrayals.

Cutting out any fussy distractions, the artist depicts the unadulterated image before him, whether it be a vase full of juicy fruits or a particular person's unique visage. Some of the images he creates focus on crisp outlines, creating a linear interpretation of objects, while others infuse lush colors that create a sense of pleasure in the little things.

By breaking down his still life subjects to their basic elements, artist Joao Drumond provides a refreshing new look at the small, yet wonderful, elements that make up the otherwise complex scenery in the background of our daily lives.