Joanne by Pip Jolley is a Tribute to the Women of the 1940s

 - Jan 18, 2012
References: pipjolley & stylebubble
The jewelry collection titled Joanne by Pip Jolley is a tribute to women from the 1940s. The Great Depression was just tapering off, making way for World War II, so women had to find industrious ways to lead presentable lives. Pip Jolley was specifically inspired by her grandmother's trick of tanning "her legs with gravy browning and then draw[ing] a seam up the back of them to give the illusion of stockings."

The Joanne by Pip Jolley jewelry collection centers around hair curlers, which were very prevalent during that time period. By transforming them into silver and gold jewelry pieces, the designer describes them as a "series of medals honoring the time spent creating the perfect coiffeur." The result is a collection of accessories that is both funky and feminine.