The Bridging Teahouse is One of 17 Pavilions in the JinHua Park

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: & archdaily
The architects at 'FR-EE' designed The Bridging Teahouse in the JinHua Park in the city of JinHua, China. The Bridging Teahouse is one of 17 pavilions that fill the park. The pavilions are designed by architects from all over the world.

The Bridging Teahouse is an expression of two traditional structures of ancient Chinese culture: a teahouse and a bridge. The structure is made primarily of concrete, and the hefty pavilion spans over a pond. In traditional Chinese culture, the bold red color symbolizes happiness.

Inside the structure are a bunch of small platforms that are different shapes and levels. These little areas allow you to have some privacy and a more intimate experience while you're passing through.